About us

“Candles Workshop” offers „A Complete candle making kits”, candles with decorations and Candle Workshop in Ventspils House of Crafts!

Candles with decors are new technology implementation in a candle making it unique and unseen! We are making individual orders!

In “A Complete candle making kit” is everything what you need to create your own candles in home conditions!

Candle Workshop in Ventspils House of Crafts are place where you can learn history of candles and learn how to make your own candles from professionals! Special offers for tourist groups!

Our production can be purchased:

About the enterprise

„Candles Workshop” is rapidly growing candle brand in Latvia and the Baltic States guarantying high quality and the best standards. The enterprise „Candles Workshop” began its operation on September 2010 by launch of producing „ A complete candle making kit” that was unique in the Latvian market.

Through development and improvement the „ Candles Workshop” offers also candles with decor having attractive and unique design. There are Zodiacal, Cities, Jubilee, Wedding, Flowers, Astrologic year, and other collections in our offer. The enterprise also offers special design solutions for businesses as promotional products for both clients and employees.

The author of the idea, Artis Treimanis, participated in ideas’ competition „Idea Cup 2010”, in which he obtained necessary information to prepare the business plan with an aim to make “Candle making kit” and create new work places in Latvia.

The “Candles Workshop” LTD was established at the beginning of 2011 in order to make unseen by now candles and “Candle making kits”.

The “Candles Workshop” LTD accessed the Business Incubator of the Ventspils High Technology Park who supports new entrepreneurs providing favourable environment for business growth and improvement.